About me

You probably want to look at my work...

That's cool, but sit tight: let's break the ice a little since you probably want to know a bit about me if you're going to work with me.

With my beautiful granddaughter

With my beautiful granddaughter

When my granddaughter was born on February 2016, I couldn't believe that I became a grandfather at age 43! With five children and now a granddad, I feel blessed and grateful to God for granting me a wonderful family and couldn't be happier.

So who am I and how can I help you and your business?

I'm Zvi Twersky. Born in New York and moved to Israel at age 13. Graphic design and video editing has been my passion for over a decode. In short, I love my job! I understand the huge pressure you are under - as a photographer - and time is your worst enemy. I also know the downside of outsourcing album design and not getting the value and standard you and your clients deserve. And that's important because "Value" is a concept I take very seriously. And by "Value" I mean great design, prices and service. I am sure that we can both agree that a happy couple or family will spread the word which will translate to more business for both of us.

This is where I come in to solve your problem. When I started to design albums, I was determine to make clients happy and get an album that they can cherish for the rest of their lives - at a great price and great service for you, the photographer, as well. How do I do this? By using the best software out there - Photoshop and most importantly, telling a story with my design. NOT telling a story is the most common mistake in album design. I can also save you time by dealing directly with the couple or family with revision requests and notify you when the album is approved for print.

So what makes me different and why should you work with me?

It's really not that complicated. I just focus on what matters - great design + great prices = Value.

I listen. No one knows your goals and vision better than you, and I want to make your design needs a success. One of the best ways to ensure your goal is to listen to what you have to say, helping you clarify and define your vision for your design projects. Together, I find the perfect balance of design and performance to integrate solutions to meet your unique needs. I have a nice, warm, hard working, creative attitude not a sassy, temperamental one.

If you’re looking for the best freelance album design professional on the net, look no further. I offer honest, trustworthy services at affordable prices that will exceed your expectations. Give me a try and find out what I can do to ignite your success that will outperform your competition. I’m always open to exciting new job opportunities.

Now it's time for action and to try me out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I KNOW you will be happy working with me based on my other VERY happy clients :-)

So now that you know a little about me, I now invite you to make the most important decision that may change your business forever... check out my work and contact me today! :-)

Hope to hear from you soon!
Zvi Twersky