Let's get your album perfect the first time!

Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do was send images to a graphic designer, wait a few days and get a digital album design of your wedding, just the way you dreamed it would be?

Well, with your help, we can help you achieve this!

This page will guide you on selecting images for your album in a way that will make the entire process, from design to print, easy, hassle-free, fast and enjoyable!

We are always trying to make your album design process as smooth and beneficial for you as possible.

These are some points to consider:

  • Less revision requests means getting your album approved for print sooner!
  • Less revision requests means less hassle with back and forth emails with the designer!

We know that choosing images for your album is time consuming. That is why after you finished selecting your prime images, we want you to be able to at least get a close-to-perfect album from the designer on the first round and not have to go through the hassle of revisions. To be able to do this, you must first understand the two main things that are essential to getting that perfect album... where the images are not too crowded and the design flows just like you wanted it.

The two things that will either "brake" or "make" you album design experience are:

1. Amount of images versus the amount of spreads (spread= two sides of open album).
2. Sorting the images into separate folders in advance.


It is our recommendation that on any given spread, you should NOT have more than 10 images on it if you want nice sized images. Even 10 is pushing it but is sometimes necessary when you have a large family :)

But the main experience breaker are those revision requests. This is a burden for the designer AND the client as well. No one wants to spend hours going over the designer's revisions to see if he or she did it correctly. But wait! We have a solution! Read on!

From our experience, over 90% of revision requests are comprised of requests to swap images from spread to spread. Family images are on wrong spreads... That image of an empty table is with the reception spread... That girl is not even family and she got on the family spread...

So the solution to this is by YOU, the client, putting the images into the folders BEFORE sending it to the designer. So if you ordered a 40 spread album, you would make 40 folders - one for each spread, and put those images you want on a spread, in it's own folder. This way, there can be no mistakes on the designer's side as to which image goes on which spread. Of course, you just need to follow the above guidelines and try to make it your goal to put only 8 images or less to a spread. The exception would be family\reception spreads where you can put up until 10 images per spread.

But wait! Creating 40 folders and naming them? This will take a long time! So we created a small program for you to download and use, that will create the folders for you with one click. No installation required. See below how it works:

Download the file by clicking here. The file will look like this:

Put the file into the folder that contains your selected images and double click it. You will get a pop up asking you how many folders you want to create.

Type the number of spreads the album will have and click OK

Type the number of spreads the album will have and click OK

Done! The folders will be created for you.

Now you can zip these folders into a compressed file or just send them via some online server like Drobox, Goodgle drive etc. and send them to the photographer as you would normally send folders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at support@vinewoodstudios.com