Terms of Service – Album design

Last updated: Dec 26, 2015


1.     General terminology and album sizes

1.1. The jpg files we send back to you for approval or print are SPREADS. One SPREAD contains two sides (pages) of an open album. One SPREAD = two PAGES.

1.2 When ordering your album, the size you specify will apply to a SPREAD and not a page, unless specified otherwise. For example, if you order an album size of 30x80 c"m, the entire SPREAD will be 30 c"m in height and 80 c"m in length - and not a page.

2.     Limits of Liability

2.1. Once we have delivered files to the client, the storage of those files are no longer the responsibility of Vinewood Studios. The client should not send original copies of files to us, as we are not responsible if files or media are damaged during transport, storage, or handling.

2.2 Each album is sent to you for approval before print and revisions will be done if necessary. Once the client has received design or image files from us, it is the client's responsibility to make sure that the requested revisions were done properly and to perform a final check on spelling, dates, alignments, colors, strokes, duplicate spreads, duplicate images and\or other related issues which might not be easily visible via online proofs. Our limit of liability cannot exceed the cost of our services or products provided.

2.3 If our design or image service is not approved within 1 year of submission, we reserve the right to close out the project and to charge any remaining fee.

3.     Working with photographers

3.1. Photographers that work with us on a regular basis will have a "global instruction file" with that will contain global design instructions for all albums of a specific photographer. We also advise in providing us with static sizes and static spread numbers for each type of event that will have the same settings. These global instructions will be the base for our design work on your albums.

3.2 Changes or additions to the global instructions can be made at any time but any changes\additions made will only apply to future albums and not to albums that have already begun design work on them.

4.     Sending us files and folders for album design

4.1. The following methods (below) of dividing photos into folders is conditional to get our "revision service". For example, if we receive bride and groom family photos mixed in the same folder, we cannot include in the revision service, requests on these photos if we mixed the families on the same spread.

4.2 For any type of album, in the case that there were multiple photographers filming the same event, it is necessary that you separate the additional photographer's photos to separate folders and name them "Photographer 02" "Photographer 03", etc.

4.3. The following folder structure is for weddings but the general idea of dividing photos into folders applies to any album that has multiple categories.

4.4 This is the suggested folder structure for folders in a wedding that might be challenging for the designer to figure out. Of course, you don't need to create a folder that is not relevant to your event.

  • Reception
  • Bride family
  • Groom family
  • Ceremony \ Chuppah
  • First dance
  • Party

5.     File transfers

5.1 You can send us files for an album in any way that you are most familiar with. You can either send them via a file transfer site like MyAirBridge or we can set-up a cloud service together like Dropbox, BitTorrentSync, Mega, etc.

5.2 If you choose to send files via a cloud service, we need to know for each album how many photos need to be synced. This is to prevent us from starting the design job before all photo are synced. You can add this number in a text file or just specify the number by adding it to the folder name. Same goes for the names, dates, or any other specific instructions you might have for the album.

5.3 We do not have a "selective" service. Meaning, we cannot accept very large amounts of photos with a request that we choose only the best ones for the album. We can only accept photos that are pre-approved to be in the album. There is no magic number to how many photos should be in an album. Some might prefer lots of small photos while other might like less and larger photos. In our opinion, the mix of the two is the winner. Generally, you can multiply the number of spreads you want by 10. From our experience, images over a multiplication of 10 will cause some "crowding" on certain spreads.

5.4 When sending us photos for an album, you are permitting that all photos you sent us can be included in the album. Therefore there will not be a revision service on requests to delete photos from an album - even very similar photos. Please advise your clients only to choose photos that they want to appear in the album.

6.     Workflow and timetables

6.1 Our goal is to complete the design within seven business days. We might be a few days late during Holiday seasons and other busy times of the year.

6.2 When revision requests are sent to us, the revision work will start within 24 hours of receiving them. Completion of revisions will depend on the amount of revision requests we receive.

7.     Sending albums for approval

7.1 On completion of the album design, we will send you an email with a link to a password-protected page on this site where the album can be reviewed easily on all devices such as computers, tablets, and mobiles. A PDF file of the album for review will also be included in the email. The client can click a button to approve the album for print or to request revisions. For the convenience of photographers, our site navigation and logos will be hidden from view. You can see an example album review page here (password: 1234). Feel free to click the buttons and submit the forms - it's only an example page.

7.2 We do not provide the Photoshop files, only the JPEG files.

8.     Revisions policy

8.1 Each album gets one main revision round which is included in our "revision service." Additional revisions will be accepted if the revisions of the first round were not to the satisfaction of the client.

8.2 A "revision" is considered a request for alteration of an existing design with specific instructions for placing, replacing, re-sizing, or altering specific images on specific pages. The following does *not* constitute a revision: re-design of the majority of pages in an album, vague (non-specific) requests to alter the design, re-submission of new images, deletion of images that were chosen (even similar images), alteration of the dimensions or orientation of a design, requests to swap many images from page to page on family pages in the case that the client had not separated the family images into folders. If there are requests to remove pages from the original design, we will still charge for those pages in the final fee. We reserve the right to refund your design fee if we feel that we are unable to accommodate the revision requests for your album. In such scenarios, %50 of the original design cost will be refunded\credited to you and we will not release the design files to you. You will be charged however for any additional charges that were accumulated outside the revision service.

9.     Sending albums to print

9.1 After the design is approved, we will send you the final JPG files for print. We do not provide any project files that were used to design the album.

9.2 We do not send the files to a printing service. We can however do this but we strongly advise against it as we can not take responsibility if the wrong files get printed.

10.     Payment

10.1 Each client can provide a payment method that is best for them. The most common method of payment is PayPal.

10.2 Each client must setup a payment schedule. In the case of a photographer, you can pay once a week, two weeks or once a month, for all the albums completed in that time.

10.3 On your payment date, you will be billed for albums that were completed even if they weren't approved for print yet. Revisions will be made as necessary and according to these terms of service but are separate from payment plans, which must be made for the design itself on your payment date.

10.4 Late fees may occur if payment is not received within 60 days of payment date.

10.5 Payments that are overdue may cause delays in other albums from the client, including revisions.

11.     Changes to the terms

11.1 Vinewood Studios reserves the right to make changes to the Terms from time to time. You understand and agree that if you use our service after the date on which the Terms have changed, Vinewood Studios will treat your use as acceptance of the updated Terms.