Guidelines for VSA workers

Please do not ever delete PSD TIF or FUNDY project files. If you need more disk space, let me know.


1.     CLIENT INSTRUCTIONS. Specific vs Global.

1.1. We work with many clients. Each client has their own GLOBAL INSTRUCTIONS for their albums. In addition, each album may have specific instructions, specifically for that album only. With each new album you will receive an instruction text file that will have TWO PARTS... the first part will be the basic and specific album information such as the names, dates, spread number, RAW IMAGES AMOUNT, and any unique, specific instructions for that album. After that will be the GLOBAL INSTRUCTION part that will have the global instructions for all of that client's albums. Their GLOBAL INSTRUCTIONS may get updated at any time so you MUST read every instruction file that comes with a new album. Any new updated instructions will be at the top of the GLOBAL part with a tag that will show when it was updated, like this: [UPDATE: 6-FEB-17].

1.2 If ANY of the basic instructions OR global instructions you get with a new album are not understandable or you think are wrong, as an example: you see a new spread size you never had before... or: there are too many RAW images for the amount of spreads ordered, etc... you must NOT start the design work and must ask me about this first.

1.3 The FIRST PART of the instruction file OVERRIDES the GLOBAL instructions. So for example, if the global instructions say to always do a CLASSIC DESIGN but the FIRST PART of the instructions - that are specific to this album - say to do a different design... you will follow the TOP PART of the instructions and disregard the GLOBAL one.

2.     COMING SOON...