“Photographer Brings Photographer” Sale

Not just another sale – but one that can save you hundreds of shekels.

Hurry before the sale ends!

1. Refer us to friends

This is the easy part! All you have to do is give your friends a link to our design examples here.

2. We will design two beautiful albums for them

The new photographer must design at least two albums. Not suitable for a one-time customer.

3. Receive a 50% discount on TWO albums

You can select from albums in your que or new ones that were not ordered yet.

There is no limit on the use of the sale! For every photographer referred to us, you are eligible to receive the sale benefit again!

If you are a photographer, get a 50% discount on two albums for each new photographer you recommend and who designs at least two albums with us. If you are not a photographer, get in cash 50% of the value of the first two albums the new photographer designs. Whether you are a photographer or not, you will only receive the benefit after we receive payment from the new photographer. In the case that the new photographer evaded payment and did not pay at all, you will not be entitled to the benefit. In the case that a photographer is referred to us by two or more people, only one referrer will be entitled to the benefit. The benefit can also be divided between the referrers. The new photographer will be the one to decide who gets the benefit.

This offer is valid for six months following the date of registration of the new customer. If you have not submitted an album for design within six months of registering the new customer, you will not be able to redeem the promotion.