Revisions Request Guide

Please note that the free revision service is limited and fees may apply to some requests so contact your photographer before you send revision requests

Everyone wants the perfect album – and you deserve it! So it is important to write requests for changes clearly to the graphic designer, in order to prevent lots of emailing back and forth.

To request changes to your album design, please use the instructions below for the graphic designer to understand exactly what to do and how to make the changes. It is recommended that you send screen shots and/or a chart explaining what you want.

If there is a page or several pages that are difficult to explain which picture you mean, you can request that I send you pages with numbered pictures so that it will be easy to specify the picture that you want to relate to.


First, we recommend you make a video with the requests and send us the video in Whatsapp or by email.

When recording the video, you must specify the page number where you are requesting changes.

Here’s an example of requests for changes to a video album

1. When you request to replace one image with another, always try to ask to replace a horizontal image with a horizontal image or a vertical image with a vertical image.

2. Do not write requests such as:“Replace the picture of the groom’s brother with the image of the bride’s mother”. The graphic designer does not know the people. Instead, write:

“Spread 006, right side, first line, replace the second photo on the left (a guy with a blue suit) with the picture on the second row, third picture on the right (a woman in a green dress).”


“Spread 004, large picture on the right, should be replaced with the large picture on the left of spread 008”

3. Do not refer to previous comments such as, “Look at what I wrote in the previous email” or “You did not correct as I asked”… Instead, just refer to the current request and specify what now needs to be corrected, according to the spread numbers in the current album.

4. When you are sending new photos to add to an album, always indicate which spread to insert them into.

5. We will not be able to accept general requests such as “We did not like the design of spread 008 – please change.”
Instead, refer to a spread that you DID like and we will make a similar design to that one.

6. We can not accept general requests such as “Photos are missing from the album!”
Instead, write what pictures are missing and we will check.

7. We can not accept requests such as “The images on page 014 are too small!”
If the pictures are small, it is because you have chosen a lot of pictures. You can split the spread into two or move images to another page.

8. In general, do not only write the problem – but write the solution to the graphic designer.For example, do not write “it makes no sense that the groom’s images are small and the bride’s are large!”
Instead, write exactly which image to enlarge and which image to make smaller.

In conclusion:

Be clear in your requests. Do not be general but specific. Explain clearly so it’s easy for the graphic designer to understand the requests and that he can change the album for you without delay or without having to ask you many questions via email.