Terms of Service

Last updated: August 25, 2023

1. General terminology and album sizes

1.1. The jpg files we send back to you for approval or print are SPREADS. One SPREAD contains two sides (pages) of an open album. One SPREAD = two PAGES.

1.2 When ordering your album, the size you specify will apply to a SPREAD and not a page, unless specified otherwise. For example, if you order an album size of 30×80 c”m, the entire SPREAD will be 30 c”m in height and 80 c”m in length – and not a page.1.3 Every file that we design and send you is called a SPREAD. Even if some were smaller sized for example a cover, this is still called a spread and is billed like a spread.

2. Limits of Liability

2.1. Once we have delivered files to the client, the storage of those files are no longer the responsibility of Vinewood Studios. The client should not send original copies of files to us, as we are not responsible if files or media are damaged during transport, storage, or handling.

2.2 Each album is sent to you for approval before print and revisions will be done if necessary. Once the client has received design or image files from us, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure that the requested revisions were done properly and to perform a final check on spelling, dates, alignments, colors, strokes, duplicate spreads, duplicate images, wrong images, spread size, and\or other related issues which might not be easily visible via online proofs. Our limit of liability cannot exceed the cost of our services or products provided.

2.3 Once an album has been approved for printing; we no longer have any responsibility for any design errors, even serious errors.

2.4 If our design or image service is not approved within 1 year of submission, we reserve the right to close out the project and to charge any remaining fee.

2.5 New orders will be assigned a project number and enter a queue. If the order is missing something that prevents us from starting the designing process, (eg: missing images, missing design instructions, missing album size or spread number, etc) the project will be taken out of the queue and will be given a waiting status. New projects in the “waiting” status will be canceled after 30 days without warning and all the project files will be deleted. Canceled projects cannot be restored. If you wish to design a canceled order, a new order must be placed.3. Working with photographers

3.1. Photographers that work with us on a regular basis will have a “global instruction file” with that will contain global design instructions for all albums of a specific photographer. We also advise in providing us with static sizes and static spread numbers for each type of event that will have the same settings. These global instructions will be the base for our design work on your albums.

3.2 Changes or additions to the global instructions can be made at any time but any changes\additions made will only apply to future albums and not to albums that have already begun design work on them.

4. Sending us files and folders for album design

4.1 For any type of album, if the pictures were taken from more than one camera, the date and time in all cameras must be synchronized to the correct time so that we can sort the pictures according to the time taken. Otherwise, you may be charged for us to synchronize the pictures.

4.2 If there were more than one camera at an event, you must make sure that all cameras were synced to the correct date and time and that all images are sorted chronologically. There should not be a folder called “Second Photographer.” Otherwise, you might be charged for synchronization time.

5.     File transfers

5.1 In order for all images to print in good quality, only pictures of maximum quality should be sent. If pictures are not sent to us at the highest quality, we will not be responsible for the print quality.

5.2 If you choose to send files via a cloud service, we need to know for each album how many photos need to be synced. This is to prevent us from starting the design job before all photos are synced. You can add this number in a text file or just specify the number by adding it to the folder name. The same goes for the names, dates, or any other specific instructions you might have for the album.

5.3 It is the customer’s responsibility to verify if the files were received by us. If the number of pictures does not correspond to the number of pictures written by the customer, we will not open a new order and it will not enter the design que. We will not send a message to the customer about an unopened order and the client must make sure that the order was received and everything is OK. We are not responsible for any damage caused by late orders due to missing images or missing instructions.

5.4 We do not have a “selective” service. Meaning, we cannot accept large amounts of photos with a request that we choose only the best ones for the album. ALL IMAGES SENT FOR AN ALBUM WILL BE USED IN THE ALBUM. There is no magic number to how many photos should be in an album. Some might prefer lots of small photos while others might like less and larger photos. In our opinion, the mix of the two is the winner. Generally, you can multiply the number of spreads you want by 10 and then delete 40-50 images from that. (Do not calculate a signing spread in a signing book). From our experience, images over the above calculation will cause some “crowding” on certain spreads.

5.5 When sending us photos for an album, you are permitting that all photos you sent us can be included in the album. Therefore, there will not be a revision service on requests to delete or add a large number of photos from an album after the design – even very similar photos. Only choose photos that you want to appear in the album.

5.6 In the event that you accidentally create a new album order that we have already designed, and we designed the same album a second time, you will be charged for this additional album and we have no responsibility to remember that these images have already been designed. Even if you asked if we received an album of a certain name and we mistakenly say that we did not receive it, it does not mean that we did not receive it and you will be charged for two albums if we designed the same album twice. The photographer has the responsibility to manage the albums sent to us.

5.7 Design instructions are only acceptable via e-mail or attached to the order in a text/word file. Design instructions that have been written in the file names of the images will not be accepted.

6.     Workflow and timetables

6.1 Our goal is to complete the design within 10 business days from the time we received the order. Orders that were received after 12:00 PM will be registered as received on the following business day. This does not apply to clients who are overdue on a payment.

6.2 There might be delays during Holiday seasons and other busy times of the year.

6.3 When revision requests are sent to us, the revision work will start within 24 hours of receiving them. Completion of revisions will depend on the number of revision requests we receive.

6.4 Album orders will apply for work done on ONE album only, for a married couple or for a family member. Requests for changes or any other work on an album for parents are not included in the revision service and will be charged according to work time.

6.5 The files sent to us for design will be used in the album AS IS. We do not have a photo repair/enhancement service.

6.6 For each album you may choose a design style and we will design according to that style. We do not copy examples exactly but only the design style. Even if you submitted a sample design style, we will design in the same style and will not copy the sample exactly.

7. Sending albums for approval

7.1 On completion of the album design, we will email you with a link to the site where the album can be reviewed easily on all devices such as computers, tablets, and mobiles. A PDF file of the album for review can also be downloaded.

7.2 We do not provide the Photoshop files, only the JPG files.

7.3 We send an email (and sometimes a WhatsApp message) about albums ready for approval. We do not have the responsibility to make sure an email was sent successfully. If you have not received an email about an overdue album or about revision requests, you should contact us to find out what’s happening with your order and we will look into it.

8. Revisions policy

8. Requests for corrections and changes to the album:

8.1 Each album comes with a revision service where you can request changes to the designed SPREADS.

8.2 The following requests are not included in the revision service:
* Request to change the design to a different design style from the one ordered or a request to change the design of spreads even though they were designed in the style that was ordered. (We will, however, redesign one spread with no additional charge.)
* Request to resize the album.
* Requests to change elements within images such as, lengthening pants, changing the color of a dress, cutting people or changing heads, and other Photoshop jobs of various kinds.

8.3 The revision service allows you to make unlimited changes (in fair and reasonable use) in 15% of the number of SPREADS you ordered in the album. For example, in an album with 35 SPREADS, you can make unlimited changes in 5 SPREADS, and in an album with 40 pages – in 6 SPREADS.

8.4 We reserve the right to decide what is fair and reasonable use. For example, unfair requests would be to request replacing a large number of photos in an album with new photos or requesting to delete a large number of photos that causes redesigning many SPREADS.

8.5 If 15% is not a complete number (e.g., 5.5), then half a number or more is calculated to your credit and rounded upward. Below half a number is rounded downwards. For example, 5.5 or higher gives you 6 SPREADS, and 5.4 and below gives you 5 SPREADS.

8.6 The meaning of “unlimited” is that even if requests for changes to the same SPREADS have been sent several times, you will not be charged for the additional requests on the SPREADS for which the service is provided.

8.7 Graphical errors are always corrected without charge and are not considered a revision request. Graphical errors are, for example, an error in the album’s size, in the style of design ordered, incorrect names from the ones ordered, incorrect images, etc.

8.8 Requests to add new SPREADS after completing the design does not entitle you to free revision requests on SPREADS over the original 15%.

8.9 Requests for revisions on SPREADS that exceed 15% of the number of SPREADS ordered will be charged a one-time addition of 5 NIS for each page on which changes were made. (In fair and reasonable use.)

8.10 The meaning of “one-time” is that even if requests for changes to these SPREADS have been sent several times, you will only be charged once in the amount of NIS 5 for each page on which changes have been made.

8.11 There is no difference between a request for a revision that is simple to do and a request that is complicated to do.

8.12 A “simple” request is, for example, a request to switch between two images or to add Hebrew names or dates. A “complicated” request is a request whose execution time is longer.

8.13 Whether the revision request is easy or complicated for the designer, as long as it is within the 15% of SPREADS ordered, you will not be charged. And if it exceeds 15%, you will be charged.

8.14 Any request to add new SPREADS after the design is completed will be charged the price of a new SPREAD. And a request to split a SPREAD into two SPREADS will be charged the price of one new SPREAD, and the existing SPREAD split into two, depends; it will not be charged if it is within the 15%. Otherwise, it will be considered a standard revision request and will be charged 5 NIS.

8.15 There is no free revision service for requests to make changes to the album for parents. As a result, any work done for the parents, such as changing the design, adding new pages, rearranging the pages, etc., will be charged according to the work time.

8.16 We reserve the right to refuse to make changes to the Album for any reason. If changes have already been made, you will only be charged for those changes. Otherwise, you will receive a credit of up to 50% of the album price and the design files will not be released in print quality or Photoshop files. On the other hand, you can get the print quality files or Photoshop files for full payment.

8.17 Notwithstanding the provisions of section 8.16, if the design was carried out per the customer’s requests when ordering the design, you will be charged for the full design.

8.18 Despite all of the above, once an album has been approved for printing, there is no longer a free modification service.

9. Sending albums to print

9.1 After the design is approved, we will send you the final JPG files for print. We do not provide any project files that were used to design the album. (For the occasional client will send the files after payment).

9.2 We do not send the files to a printing service. We can however do this but we strongly advise against it as we can not take responsibility if the wrong files get printed.

9.3 If we do however send your files to a printer, we add the following comment to the printing shop: “Please do not contact the photographer regarding the details of this order.”

10. Payment

10.1 Payments can be made by bank transfer, cash, or check. You can pay with PayPal by adding a 4% commission.

10.2 Each regular customer (distinct from an occasional customer) must choose a payment plan that is convenient for them. Otherwise, payments must be made on the first of every month for all albums that were completed during the previous month. An occasional customer will pay after approval of the design and before sending the files in print quality. After completion of an album for an occasional customer, the customer will have one year to request revisions. However, if no revisions were requested within the first 30 days, payment must be made within 30 days.

10.3 On your payment date, you will be billed for albums that were completed during that month even if they weren’t approved for print yet. Revisions will be made as necessary, according to these terms of service, even after payment, but are separate from payment plans, and payments must be made for the design itself on your payment date.

10.4 We will send an invoice/receipt to the customer only after the reception of the payment and in the case of a check after the check clears. You can receive a bulk transaction invoice several days before the payment date.

10.5 Payments that are 60 days overdue will be charged with the collection and overdue fees. Payments that are 6 months overdue will be transferred to further legal proceedings and\or a collection agency.

10.6 Despite the above, both regular and casual customers shall not receive the last of their albums in print-quality if one of the following conditions are true:
* [Condition 1] The customer has debt from the previous month.
* [Condition 2] All other albums of the customer have been sent to print.

10.7 Payments that are overdue may cause delays in other albums from the client, including revisions.

10.8 The charge for a spread also applies if the spread is smaller (such as covers) and even if there is only one image on the spread.

11. Changes to the terms

11.1 All prices published and/or sent to you by the Company are without VAT, except in cases where it is explicitly stated that the price includes VAT.

11.2 All of the above terms are addressed to both men and women as well as to corporations and any other legal personality and were written in a masculine form for convenience purposes only.

11.3 Vinewood Studios reserves the right to update these terms at any time without notice to our customers. You have the responsibility to visit the site from time to time and review the conditions and check for changes and/or updates.